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Name: Jermaine Bandiola

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: 100% Filipino

Height: 5’6 ½

Birthday: September 24, 1996

Location: Chicago, Illinois


Why is your URL “ayooitsjelly”?: It’s cause I kept saying jelly during my middle school years and people kept calling me jelly lmao :P

Where did you get your music player?: Follow @u-aholic’s tutorial….

Will you promo me?: Depends… If I know you really well or we’re good friends then yes if not then obviously no unless I’m doing promo games OR you submit me a fansign. If you do send me a fansign… It’s 100% guaranteed promo. 

Can you check out my blog?: I most likely will but sometimes I’m lazy cause so many people asked me the same question & I have checked out there blog but if so many people are asking me… I suggest you should wait a few hours and then ask me to check out your blog so then at that time I’m not lazy anymore lol :P

What kind of camera do you use?: I use a Canon T2i

Sexual Orientation: I’m straight.